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Cold Sore Treatment in the Woodlands Helps You Heal

January 24, 2017

Heal cold sores quicker with laser cold sore treatment in the Woodlands. Dr. Johnny Taylor DDS uses this technology to reduce symptoms and stop outbreaks.

Cold sores are a painful nuisance. Erupting at the margin of the lips and face, these unsightly lesions itch, ooze and spread. What can you do about recurring cold sores? Johnny Taylor DDS offers cold sore treatment in his dental office in the Woodlands. He uses a state of the art laser instrument to speed the healing of both cold and canker sores. Learn all about laser cold sore treatment in the Woodlands. Yes, you can feel better faster.

Oh, No, You’ve Got Cold Sores

Well, moving day quickly is approaching. You’re purchased a new home, and while you’re excited about the move, you are also suffering some symptoms of stress–insomnia, irritability and cold sores. Cold sores come from stress, you ask? Yes, physicians at the Mayo Clinic state that both cold and canker sores erupt quickly and easily when you are overtired, have too hectic a schedule, or are recovering from a serious illness such as pneumonia. The reason is that your immune system becomes weakened by these situations.

The symptoms of these annoying, ugly and often painful lesions are familiar to most everyone because up to 90 percent of Americans are infected with their causative agent, the Herpes Simplex Virus, or HSV-1.  This super common virus is spread by touching someone’s cold sores or by sharing a washcloth or drinking cup. As such, kids through senior adults suffer from cold sores, and their close cousin, the canker sore.

Symptoms of cold sores include:

  • Small, red circumscribed lesions at the border of the lips and face, in the nose, or in serious cases, near the eye
  • Tingling, itching and skin discomfort just before they erupt
  • Oozing and itching at the site of the sores
  • Sore throat
  • Headache

Typically, the sores dry and heal by themselves within two weeks or so. They leave no scars, but when active, cold or canker sores are embarrassing, particularly when they erupt in multiples.

 Cold Sore Treatment in the Woodlands

Dr. Johnny Taylor often recommends laser treatment of cold sores. While anti-viral medications, such as Acyclovir, and some over the counter medications and natural supplements seem to reduce symptoms and speed the healing process, nothing proves more effective than laser dentistry.

Small and handheld, Dr. Taylor’s laser comfortably and quickly targets cold sore cells, stimulating the factors which hasten healing. If applied at the very start of symptoms–in other words, when a patient feels an outbreak coming on–laser treatment can halt the most painful and annoying of symptoms.

Cold Sore Prevention

Of course, Dr. Taylor and his team would like to prevent your cold sore outbreaks before they happen and require treatment. He recommends;

  • Reducing day to day stress with relaxation techniques
  • Eating a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day
  • Avoiding the sharing of personal care items such as towels
  • Avoiding excessive wind and sun exposure to the face

Get More Comfortable

You can when you receive laser cold sore treatment. Ask about it when you have your routine check-up and cleaning with Dr. Johnny Taylor. Contact his office today to book your six-month appointment.

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