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Tooth Trouble? Call Your Emergency Dentist in The Woodlands!

April 18, 2018

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man with tooth painIt might be easy to take your teeth for granted until something goes horribly and unexpectedly wrong with one of them. The pain and uncertainty that come with an oral health crisis may push you toward the edge of panic, but there is no reason to despair. When you’re facing a dental disaster, call your emergency dentist in The Woodlands right away and follow Dr. Taylor’s advice for handling the situation. Before you get to our office, though, there may be a few steps you can take to manage the situation.

If a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

If an impact knocks one of your teeth out, try to find the tooth. Touching it only by its crown (the part that you normally see above the gum line), gently rinse off any debris. Replace the tooth in its original socket and hold it there until you get to a dentist.

If for some reason you can’t store the tooth in its original socket, you still need to keep it moist. Place it in a glass of milk or in a special tooth preservation kit from a local pharmacy. As a last resort, place the tooth in water.

It’s vital to get to your dentist within an hour or so of when you lose the tooth; the sooner you receive professional attention, the greater the chances are that the tooth can be reattached.

If You Break a Tooth

A cracked or broken tooth may expose its sensitive inner layers, such as the dentin and the pulp. You may therefore find that you are in extreme pain when you apply pressure to the tooth or when anything hot or cold makes contact with it. You are also at an increased risk of infection.

Avoid chewing with that tooth, and take some mild painkillers to manage your discomfort. When you get to our office, we may say that you need a root canal and crown or another treatment, depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth.

If You Lose a Restoration

Crowns and fillings are in your mouth to protect weak teeth and prevent the damage from spreading. When one of these restorations comes out or gets broken, you may face serious pain and the risk that you’ll suffer from further tooth decay.

When a crown comes out, you may be able to replace it on your tooth and secure it with temporary dental cement. However, it’s still important to treat the tooth gently and get to your dentist within a day or two. Dr. Taylor can assess the tooth and permanently reattach or replace the crown.

We’ve covered only a few types of dental emergencies here. Other scenarios that require prompt professional attention include severe toothaches, abscesses, and more. Regardless of the nature of the emergency, though, you should always stay calm, call your dentist right away, and do what you can to minimize the damage to your smile.

About the Dentist

Dr. Johnny Taylor is your dentist in The Woodlands. He is always willing to spring into action to help folks who are experiencing a dental emergency. If you need prompt professional dental attention, please contact us at 281-364-9913.

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