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Dental Crowns near Houston

General dentists for many decades have offered a Houston dental crown as a way of preserving a decayed or badly damaged tooth. Most dentistry focused on the restoration of the strength of the tooth with only minimal concerns for creating a natural and attractive appearance. With Dr. Taylor you will find that every question you have about Houston dental crown procedures will be answered. Making you happy and your smile attractive is always our priority.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Before proceeding with any Houston dental crown procedure, Dr. Johnny Taylor, DDS will first present you with a clear explanation as to why this treatment is necessary. He will listen to your worries, answer questions, and explain how the procedure is designed to fit your tooth firmly and have it actually function as a healthy tooth. The Houston dental crown will protect your tooth from further damage. As a Woodlands cosmetic dentistry facility, we use CEREC restoration that is custom milled in office using all-porcelain crowns to preserve a fully white smile. A porcelain Houston dental crown is also extremely durable and long lasting making it a trustworthy and permanent addition to your smile.

As the field of The Woodlands dental care has expanded and grown in recent years, new and improved dental materials have been developed. A Houston dental crown is made of porcelain and it can be constructed to match an array of shades. Dr. Taylor will choose a shade to match your natural tooth color. If you would like to whiten teeth in Houston, we suggest that you have it done in our offices before the Houston dental crown so that we can match the porcelain to your new color. An advantage of porcelain is that it doesn’t change color over time.

Inlays & Onlays

Sometimes a tooth will have a large cavity or crack, but not enough damage to require a Houston dental crown, but it does need more strength than a filling would provide. This is when a porcelain inlay or onlay can be done by Dr. Taylor. He will assess your situation and determine which solution is best for you using the most up-to-date technology to custom mill your restoration in our office. If you need either a Houston dental crown or inlay/only procedures, when it is complete you will enjoy a stronger and healthier smile for years to come. Call us today for a personalized consultation.

Services from your Woodland Dentist

When you have a family to take care of, time can be in short supply. That’s why we provide a wide variety of dental services that can help smiles of all ages, eliminating tedious visits to other offices. From routine hygiene to revitalizing restorative care to Invisalign treatment and much more, Dr. Taylor, the dentist Woodlands residents trust, and his team have the skills and dedication needed to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

At the foundation of our services is your twice-yearly dental checkup. These appointments serve as the baseline from which we develop a treatment plan to help you maintain your best oral health. Beyond cleaning and polishing your teeth, one of our skilled hygienists will also examine your teeth and gums, looking for signs of decay or gum disease. Periodically, we will also take digital x-rays to find any concerns that are not visible to the naked eye, such as a cavity between two teeth or infection developing deep inside a tooth. Another very important component of a checkup is an oral cancer screening. This disease is highly treatable and curable when found early.

Similarly, other oral and dental health concerns are relatively easy to treat when found sooner rather than later. Some of the restorative treatments Dr. Taylor offers to repair your smile include:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Dentures and Partials
  • All Porcelain Crown, Inlays and Onlays
  • Root Canals
  • CEREC one-visit crowns and other restorations
  • Bridges
  • Dental Implants

For those times when you want to enhance your smile, we have a number of cosmetic treatments. One of the most cost-effective is teeth whitening with Zoom! Whitening. In just one appointment, you can have a smile that is several shades brighter and whiter.

Have a chipped or slightly cracked tooth? Cosmetic bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin material to rebuild and reshape your tooth. If you have several teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshaped or slightly misaligned, then consider porcelain veneers. These coverings are adhesively bonded to your teeth, so you can present an aesthetically pleasing smile to family, friends and colleagues.

We proudly serve patients in Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Houston and surrounding communities. Call our office in The Woodlands, TX today to schedule an appointment for yourself or another member of your family.

Complete List of Services

It’s time to start enjoying a happier, healthier smile. Dr. Taylor and his team can’t wait to welcome you here in the Woodlands. Request an appointment today!

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